Your house probably makes a lot of strange noises. Creaks and groans, along with whooshes, can fill your home at times. At various times of day and night. These noises don’t always mean anything, but they are still necessary to listen for – they could tell something more significant is going on with your home.

Similarly, your roofing can make some noises, as well. Here are some of the everyday noises you might hear coming from your roof, with information about what’s causing the sounds:

External Temperatures

Outside temperatures can change suddenly. It can be blazing hot outside, forcing you to run the air conditioner. However, it can be so cold a few weeks later that you have to turn on the heater. To power all of these appliances, you need power mechanical. All those temperature changes can be managed by professionals who enable the materials in your roof to expand and retract with temperature changes. If you experience any strange sounds from the roof due to extreme temperature changes, it’s best to contact a roofing service. 

These professionals can let you know if the strange noises are due to issues with the roof or just due to the temperature fluctuations. The extreme temperatures may have also caused damage that needs repair.

HVAC Problems

Many homes have air conditioners or heaters attached to their roofing or pipes running through their attics. The system’s movement, the different mechanisms, and even the changing temperature and moisture levels around the system can cause noises from your roof.

You should talk to a roofer or an HVAC specialist if you hear these sounds. They will have information about air conditioning malfunctions and what can cause roofing noises.


Several things can cause leaks. It’s possible that your roofing is simply aging, or something has caused a hole or tear in the shingles. Sometimes shingles or tiles fall off if there is a breakage in the material. Other times, the potential leak is not as apparent — for example, if a tree branch falls on your roof. You might not know about the leak until water stains form on your ceiling. Even if you don’t hear a noise from a leak, water damage may occur on your ceiling (conducted sound).

If you suspect leakage, call a residential roofing professional as soon as possible. Undetected leaks can result in severe damage to your roof and your home. That results in costly repairs for you, but it could also put you at risk for mold developing inside your home.

Moisture Evaporation

Although the various materials used in construction usually have not been given the proper time to dry when new construction occurs, you may notice that the building material is creaking. 

However, before calling a contractor for your roofing, ensure that it is not just moisture drying out from the wood. If your home has settled only slightly, or your wood is still drying out from the lumber being exposed to moisture when it was manufactured, you needn’t do anything yet. However, if your house has settled a great deal or if your wood has rotted significantly, you need to call a qualified roofer.


Sometimes, noises inside your home result from the weather, natural shifting of the house, heat, or cold. Thus, you must pay attention to these noises if they occur frequently and talk to a roofer about what you hear. You may need to get your roof checked if it’s nothing serious that can damage your roof and other parts of the home.

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