San Diego Roof Inspections

Let’s keep your roof safe, shall we?

It’s recommended that you have a maintenance inspection done on your roof every year for residential properties and twice a year for commercial properties. This is especially important as your roof ages and approaches its end-of-life.

Roof inspections include checking up on materials, installation and providing professional opinion about remaining lifespan and recommended maintenance activities or repairs.

Roof inspections are also done as part of real estate transactions and can be ordered by real estate agents or buyers who are under contract with you. These are often done to provide a professional certification to mortgage lenders and to buyers that your roof meets a minimum acceptable condition and to provide estimated remaining lifespan.

Full Roof Inspections

Pitched / steep roof slope inspections for asphalt shingles,  tile and slate include:

      • inspecting field shingles, tile or slate and noting those that are damaged, cracked,  slipping or missing.
      • inspecting levels of shingle granule loss.
      • inspecting all flashings, pipes and chimneys, noting areas in need of maintenance.
      • inspecting valleys and gutters for debris and material aggregates.

Flat / low roof slope inspections for PVC / TPO and modified bitumen rolled membranes include:

      • inspecting field membrane for cracks or other signs of weathering/aging.
      • inspecting all vertical and field seams and joints and noting any signs of failure.
      • inspecting all flashings and noting any signs of failure.
      • inspecting all drains and scuppers and noting any signs of failure.
      • inspecting levels of dirt/debris buildup.
      • inspecting any areas of negative slope or standing water (“ponding”) and providing recommendations for correction.
      • inspecting levels of reflective topcoating (if applicable).
      • inspecting levels of granule loss on modified bitumen.
Real Estate Certifications

Our team of trained roofing technicians know the importance of deadlines in real estate transactions. Inspections and roof certifications need to be done quickly and thoroughly and you can count on Pioneer Roofing to get those to you ASAP.  We provide thorough roof inspections for real estate agents and lenders (such as FHA certs) to help get the deal done quickly.

Call us today to have an expert sent to your property for a full inspection. We’ll be sure to let you know if your roof is in good shape.