If the roof over your head is either not working properly or has been severely damaged due to an accident, you need roofing repair immediately. Aside from the inconvenience, having a damaged patch or a large area of the roof can cause further damage and accidents in the home. So what exactly constitutes an emergency roofing repair job?

This article looks into the common roofing repair woes that have been troubling many homeowners across America. The goal is to identify what the issue may entail for your household and what needs to be directly addressed. Additionally, it will give you some background knowledge on the subject to better understand the situation and avoid the problem.

1. Leaking Ice Dams

During the wintertime, trapped warm air in homes can move upwards to the roof, melt the snow on top, and turn it into water. The resulting effect is what is called ice dams, which are piles of frozen water and snow.

These formations can be a sign of a poorly insulated roof. It can also mean the insulating material used has gradually deteriorated and needs replacing. You may choose to take action by breaking down the ice dam, but you may risk breaking the roof underneath. Hence, it is safer to call an emergency roofing repair company in the area to account for the whole structure and come up with a professional solution that won’t damage the roofing.

2. Water Damage

Related to ice dams is general water damage or excess rainwater finding its way inside the roof. This is a classic home situation that results in having to catch the leaks from the ceiling with buckets to avoid your wooden flooring from getting damaged. Plus, the water can also find its way on your wallpaper and discolor or tear it in the process.

Calling on the professional services will help you track the cause of the excess water being trapped in the roof. Then, they can patch it up or add reinforced material or insulation to prevent a recurrence. Overall, this is more cost-effective than resorting to cheap roof sealants and buckets.

3. Noises from the Attic

Water can find its way to your roof, and the same goes for common pests like squirrels, common birds like woodpeckers, and other kinds of animals. Their mating calls and thrashing will result in weird noises coming from up in the attic.

Calling on professional roofing repair services will help you relocate the animals or bait them out of the roof. Then, they can patch up all the areas and look for possible solutions to prevent stray animals from finding themselves in your attic again. That way, you don’t have to go through the same ordeal twice or resort to dealing with it yourself.

4. Tree or Debris Impact

Nature has more than animals that can damage your roof. An unfortunate tree fall or strong gusts of wind can also pose risks. The level of damage can range from mild to severe, as debris can fall on your home, damage your property, and potentially injure your family.

To prevent this from happening, you can also call an emergency roofing repair service to accident-proof your roof and assess potential damage scenarios in the future. At the same time, you can get an inspection done on top of the roof to see whether any issues are present.


Whether you are currently suffering from a roofing accident or can see a few broken shingles, call on emergency roofing services to prevent paying for more intense damages and protect your family and belongings.

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