Today, there are a ton of home improvement options available for the general consumer. You also have access to a wealth of information and the convenience of ordering supplies online. Additionally, not only do you need to decide on material and design, but there are also other things to consider. Color, durability, and overall aesthetic are things a homeowner looks for in materials, and roofing is part of that. Read on our guide for finding the best roofing materials for your home.

For long-lasting, budget roof renovation: Asphalt shingles

If you live in a temperate zone and are looking for an affordable roofing option, then asphalt shingles are for you. The top-quality kinds last for around 30 years and offer a good amount of fire protection. If you live in a sunny area, though, be prepared to replace your asphalt roof every decade.

Rapid temperature change also contributes to asphalt shingles cracking, and an asphalt roof may trap heat in an attic, especially a poorly ventilated one. Finally, if you do decide to change your asphalt roof, know that many recycling plants do not accept asphalt shingles.

All-weather, midrange solution: Roof tiles

Offering more than half a century of durability, roof tiles also resist fire and insects, and reflects light, making it a choice for those looking for heat regulation. However, it requires special care—from the framing to the maintenance, tiles have to be put in carefully as they break easily. Since tiles can be fragile, repairing fixtures on your roof might be a challenge. However, if you’re looking for a roofing material that can withstand most weather conditions, and is aesthetically pleasing, then you should choose tiles.

Best eco-conscious choice: Wood shingles or shakes

Shakes, which are hand-cut from wood, and shingles (the machine-cut version) are the greenest option on this list. Wooden roofing can last at least five years longer than asphalt, which puts them at a better price point.

Shingles also have a rustic charm and can be treated to be water- and insect-proof depending on the kind of wood. However, wood is high maintenance. Aside from treating the wood, you have to clear debris to let it ‘breathe.’ You also need frequent cleaning to prevent algae, and it is also prone to fire. Wood roofing might also be prohibited in your area due to wildfire concerns.

Heavy-duty but still stylish: Metal roofing

Metal roofing is versatile. It can be shaped to mimic other roof types and no longer just come in the standard tin gray we’re used to. Most metal roofing has a Class A fire rating, so it offers the most fire resistance in this list. They also keep homes cool, important when considering energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, without a substrate, a metal roof is noisy. It also dents easily when hit by heavy objects, and costs much more to replace than other items on the list. However, it is durable and lasts 50-100 years, and most metal roofs come with a 30 to 50-year warranty.

Wrapping Up

With the various roofing options today, homeowners have the choice to prioritize one set of features over another. Because roofing is a project for the long-term and affects the integrity of the rest of the structure, it is important to have your roof installed by professionals. We hope our roofing materials guide has helped you understand which option will be best for your home. Pioneer Roofing Company is a San Diego based company that specializes in both residential and commercial roofing solutions. Our services include reroofing, repairsmaintenance, and construction. We prioritize relationship-building with our clients, so you can count on quality, prompt service every time. Contact us today to learn more.