At this point, you may be building your new home, getting a repair done, or thinking about replacing your existing roofing system. But whatever your roofing project may be, it is worth considering going for energy-efficient roofing materials. 

Did you know that energy STAR-rated roof materials can help you lower your energy consumption and save money on your utility bills? This is why they may be a big investment now, but they’re going to benefit you for many years to come!

You might be wondering what an energy-efficient roof is and why it is the best choice for your home. As one of the most reputable cool roof companies in San Diego, we will discuss what you need to know about energy-efficient roofs:

Understanding Cool Roofs

“Cool roofs” is another term used for energy-efficient roofing. This type of roof is designed to reflect the heat from the sun instead of absorbing it. Compared to conventional materials that only reflect 15% of light, heat energy-efficient roofing can effectively reflect over 65%. 

Roofing materials that bear the ENERGY STAR label are an indication that the roof material has high solar-resistance. Some of these materials can also lower the roof’s temperature by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Benefits of Choosing Energy-Efficient Roofing

As mentioned above, there are several ways cool roofs can benefit homeowners like you. Here are a few of them:

1. You Get to Enjoy a Lower Room Temperature

Thanks to cool roofs’ ability to reflect the sun’s rays, your rooms are kept cool and comfortable even during the hot summer. In fact, it lessens the need to use your air conditioner or your fans all the time, which then translates to savings.

2. You Get to Help the Environment

When you’re dealing with too much heat indoors due to conventional roofing, you will have no choice but to use your air conditioning system so that you and your family can be comfortable. The problem is that most air conditioners release chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), which can be very harmful to the environment. 

When you have cool roofs and are not using your air conditioning system as often as you used to, you are using less energy and doing your part in caring for the environment!

3. You Save Money on Utility Bills and Earn Tax Rebates

Besides the two previous benefits, did you know that you can potentially earn federal tax rebates from the government by getting energy-efficient roofing installed? In essence, you can get back as much as 10 percent of what you paid for the roofing. Yet, this depends on the type of material used and other conditions. Before the installation, your trusted roofing contractor can discuss this further with you if you wish to know more about it. 

Which Roofing Material is the Most Energy-Efficient?

You might be considering asphalt shingles because they’re the cheaper option. However, you should know that they are not as energy-efficient as metal roofs with the ENERGY STAR label. Tile roofs are also energy-efficient, especially if they are pre-treated with reflective coating to improve their efficiency. If a flat roof is what you need, then a green roof is a great option. On top of that, having a rooftop garden is not only energy-efficient but also adds more whimsy to your home’s exterior!


When choosing your next roof, think of energy-efficiency as one of the most significant factors. In fact, there’s no reason for you to consider anything else with the benefits that you can get ENERGY STAR-rated roofing. From lower room temperatures to reduced monthly spending, you now know why you should only install energy-efficient solutions for your roof!

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