Picking out and getting a new roof installed can be quite thrilling as you anticipate your home to have a new overall look. From the deck to the shingles covering it, it’s definitely something worth looking forward to. However, there are a few key decisions every homeowner needs to make with their roof installer before they finally get on to the actual attachment.

For one, the roof needs to have a particular color. Are you eyeing something that’s a little more muted and traditional? Is a modern and neutral white or black a little better for your liking? Do you want to go for something slightly more contemporary and noticeably bright?

It can come down to personal preference, but picking out the right roof color can depend on many factors. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that can help guide you in choosing the best color for your roof:

1) Match The Color To Mesh With Design

Each home’s architectural design is different. And, frankly, some colors can go well with certain designs while looking horrible for others. For example, more rustic homes with wooden materials for the walls may benefit from a roof color that can complement the natural brown. Warm chocolate or cool gray can help accentuate the design rather than clash with it.

2) Consider The Area’s Climate

Properties in states that prominently have warmer weather throughout the years, like California, are likely to be hotter depending on the color of the home. Picking a roof color can make the house deflect the sunlight and its warmth or absorb it. Take the climate into consideration when choosing between your light and dark colors. 

3) Think Of Your Dream House Color

Almost every homeowner has always dreamt of having their own house. Now that it’s a reality and you’re one step closer to having it completed with a new roof, try to recall what your dream roof looks like and the hue it has. Being able to describe what color you’ve wanted your room to be can help narrow down your choices greatly.

4) Check The Property’s Other Hues

Color coordination, as implied above, can make or break your home. If you already have existing shades are on the property, try to check and deduce what would look good with it. Lime-colored lawns and a mint-painted home can look good with another shade of green, or you can even pick a classic muted red roof.

5) View Your Options In Person

Browsing the color options online can give you a headstart about what hue you want the roof to be. However, some photos may be edited before they’re ever posted, which doesn’t give you the best look into the shade range. Be sure to check out some of the roof color options in person to have a true understanding of what you’re going to get.

6) Ask Advice From A Roofing Expert

As you’re getting your roof installed by a professional, it’s best to get their opinion about it. They often know which colors are popular and available in your area, thanks to the service that they undergo. They may even direct you to a supplier and give you a heads-up about the prices and finishes.


With these tips, you should be able to narrow down a tone and shade for your desired roof color. Have an ideal one in mind, but don’t be afraid to prepare a plan B if the first one you’re eyeing can’t be sourced or bought.

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