San Diego homeowners know that making good decisions when it comes to home improvement is the key to minimizing short-term and long-term costs. The problem is, those decisions aren’t always easy to make, especially if you have a couple of factors you need to consider. Take roofing, is it better to have it repaired, or do you need to call in for replacement roofing services? If you’re unsure what the answer is, here’s a simple guide to help you choose between replacing your roof or patching it up.

Things to Consider When Repairing or Replacing a Roof

Before you can arrive at an answer, you need to know a couple of things first. Knowing how old your roof is or how long you plan on staying in your home are two of the most significant factors that will influence your decision.

How Old is Your Roof?

Determining the age of your roof gives you an idea of how long it has been in service. The lower-end three-tab shingles are built to last up to 15-20 years. Other options of higher quality, like heavy architectural shingles, can easily last up to 40 years. The older the roof is, the closer it is to being replaced with a new one. 

If you’re not sure about the quality and age of your roofing, you can seek help from local roofers in San Diego so they can help you appraise it. Talking with a couple of roofing companies is always best so you can have a second opinion.

How Long Do You Plan to Stay in Your Home?

Next is to determine how long you’ll be staying in your current home. If you think you need to move out in a few years and migrate to a different state or country, then replacing your roof may not be the most cost-effective decision to make.

However, when the time comes to sell your home, leaving an old and dilapidated roof can make it harder for you to sell the house. It’s best to continue performing some regular roof maintenance and inspections just to see if the roofing system is still in a good enough condition for selling. If you happen to see any signs that your roof is somewhat damaged, installing a new one may just be your only option. Once you put your house on the market, your newly installed roof will help you find more interested buyers. You’ll eventually get a return of 68% of the replacement cost upon selling your house.

If you plan on staying in that particular house for a long time and maybe even for the rest of your life, then replacing your roof every few decades or so is a worthwhile investment.

Repair vs. Replacement

Roof repairs are a much more affordable option. You can easily extend the life of your roof by patching it up and maintaining it. Regular maintenance is the key here as you can see what other issues can be repaired. You basically make the most out of your roof.

On the other hand, replacing your roof can be quite a bit more expensive than regular repairs. But you can take this as an opportunity to replace your roof with newer ones made from more durable materials. If you hire a company that specializes in cool roofs, they can easily install a new roofing system that offers more protection against heat from the outside.


Replacing and repairing a roof are both viable home improvement options that any homeowner should consider. It’s merely a matter of how much budget they have and what their future plans are for the house.

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