What are the Best Roof Shingle Colors for Your Florida Home

The roof is more than the protection of the house. It is also one of the most noticeable features, making people want to see more of the structure’s beauty. Aside from choosing the roof type following the environmental factors in the house’s area, another thing to consider is the roof’s color.

Homeowners have complete power over which colors fit their roof the best. But those hiring premier roofing services can leave the decisions to the roofing company alone. But for the sunny state of Florida, which roof colors fit best in the state’s warm climate?

1. Dark Colors

Dark colors can reflect heat. It is a disadvantage if you’re going to use it for your living room. But for a roof, which is mainly going to ensure the house’s protection from the sun’s scorching heat, this type of color is perfect for a roof in Florida. Dark colors like red or black can significantly lower the heat absorption of the roof.

2. Nature Hues

If you fear that dark colors may not suit your taste, then you can choose a color that subtly produces a natural effect. The colors include greens, browns, and yellows. These colors combine earthy colors, which leaves a sense of being one with nature.

The color of the roof should dictate the color of the house’s façade. If you have a light blue roof, use similar colors for the house’s exterior walls. For example, if you have a grey roof, use golden brown or tan for the house’s walls.

3. Light Colors for the Trims

Use light colors for eaves and trimming. Depending on the design, you may also choose a light-colored roof. For example, if you want a French-style house, use a white or cream-colored top. Having dark-colored eaves would be an eyesore, so don’t forget to add a trimming of light color as well.

Before choosing the roof color of your house, remember that it will not only be one of the most noticeable features of your home. But it will also protect it from anything that will break the house, like the sun and extreme weather conditions.

4. Neutral Colors

People always forget neutral colors in choosing the best roof colors. Neutral colors include tans and greys. The benefit of this kind of color is it leaves an option for you to decide on the décor later, as it does not stand out that much. It will leave you a lot of options for interior design when you combine the color of your exterior walls with that of the roof.

If you want to make the most of your house, choose a color that reflects your personality and taste. A perfect combination of the roof and the walls will make the house stand out. Remember that the roof plays an essential role in the home’s design.

5. Bright Colors

If you reside in Florida, you know that the weather is frequently sunny. So be sure to choose a roof color that complements the house’s surroundings. Put colorful flowers and plants around your home to make it more exciting and stunning.


In the end, it all boils down to what you want and need. You want to make sure that you will make your house more beautiful, comfortable, and elegant. The house represents you, so make sure that it is the best house anyone has ever seen.

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