A roof leak is the last thing any homeowner wants. Let’s be honest: no one wants to run around looking for a drip bucket every time it rains. Not only is keeping up with the weather forecast annoying and inconvenient, but that one small drip represents a larger roofing issue, and we all know that any roofing issue requires an investment of time and money.

Discovering the underlying reason for the water seepage is necessary for both fixing the problem and preventing similar issues in the future. Keep reading to learn the possible factors contributing to leaking in your new roof.

1. Incorrect Seam and Insulation Installation

Incorrect installation of the roof seams is one of the main reasons for water seeping inside your home. When the seams of the roofing membrane used as insulation were not properly secured, it can allow moisture to leak through any small gaps. Because the rolls of the membrane are not large enough to cover a roof expanse in one stretch, they must be overlapped, and they may not have been joined adequately to keep water out.

2. Your Brand-New Roof Has Tiles or Shingles That Are Cracked

The tiles or shingles on your roof can crack for several reasons. If your new roof already has cracks, this means that your roofer didn’t correctly install the tiles or shingles. The best course of action is to find a new roofer to address the problem.

3. Nails That Are Incorrectly Hammered

When the roofer nails the shingles on your roof, the nails are hammered into the shingle every few inches. If the nails are hammered too close together, it leaves an imperfection on the surface. This imperfection makes it easier for water to enter the roof.

If the nails are too far apart, rainwater can collect in between the shingles and drip into your home. Nail spacing can also cause water to seep under the shingles and drop into your home if the nail heads are not hammered low enough.

4. Roofer Didn’t Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Following the manufacturer’s specifications for the shingles and nails is the best way to ensure that your new roof doesn’t leak. That means you’re more likely to be in for a roof fiasco if you choose a roofer who doesn’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If a shingle is not installed properly, water can seep through the shingle and into the home.

5. Lack of Care for Your New Roof in General

Your roof is new and, if you take proper care of it, it will last you for many years. The problem is that people often forget about the roof after its installation, which is why so many people get new roofs years after the initial installation.

You need to remember that, even though your roof is new, it will still require some maintenance every now and then. Careless maintenance of a new roof can lead to premature wear, which means you’ll need a new roof before you expect to.


Problems arise when water seeps into your home through a hole in your roof, and you can bet that more problems will occur if the roof of your house isn’t in good shape. That’s why even if you do not hear dripping water, you should have your roof inspected yearly. A simple inspection will tell you if your roof is in good condition.

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