Owning a building intended for commercial or mixed-use comes with a lot of responsibility. Often, you must make decisions that affect you and your tenants. Residential units have different concerns from commercial establishments, and you have to manage them so that they can coexist in an area. When you have building repairs, you need to take a lot into consideration. Preparing your building for contractors requires a bit of coordination on your part. So if you are considering commercial roof repair and want to have little disruptions to your and your tenants’ business, you have to follow a few guidelines.

Disclose everything needed for the repairs

First of all, contract work on a house is significantly different from work on a building or mixed-use property. However, you need to inform your builder about who your tenants are, so you can come to an arrangement about how to manage the noise and safety concerns.

Commercial roof repair is noisiest near wings and on top floors, so you have to work with the schedule of these tenants so that they don’t get too disturbed.

You should also let your repairmen know about any roofing issues, and show them your log of repairs or inspections. If you’ve had a storm or another natural disaster affect you recently, you should let them know as well. Provide them anything that will help them accomplish the repairs with as little fuss as possible.

Inform them about accessibility issues

Commercial roof repair can also be impaired by a lack of accessibility. Your repairmen must be aware of the dimensions of your structure. They need to know how many floors there are, what passageways are available to get to the roof, and if there are nearby establishments that might be impacted by the debris and fallout from construction.

Accessibility should not be an issue for professionals, but it is good to give them advance notice so they can prepare for adjustments they might need to make.

Secure a project timeline

When you have talked about the external factors and the project details, make sure you have a detailed timeline, with payment due dates and project milestones in place. There should be expectations from both ends. You should be informed of how long it will take to get everything in order, and when you can expect which developments. Meanwhile, your repairmen should know when they are getting paid, and whether it is a partial or lump sum scheme.

A project timeline is also useful to have on hand should your tenants inquire about the status of the project. You might need to do a little public relations in the course of the repairs, and knowing what to tell your clients exactly will do a lot in easing their minds.

Ask for a detailed estimate

Before you even greenlight your roof repair, you need to have the steps, materials, and labor costs detailed by your contract. Do not agree to a rough estimate. Knowing the breakdown of materials and labor will help in coming to a workable price, especially in the case of spot treatments.

Sometimes roofers will apply a quick fix because it is the only viable option at the moment. The next time you have your roof repaired, you might balk at the price of a more detailed repair. In reality, the two procedures cannot be compared. Always be aware of how much you are being billed for each procedure.

Know who will work onsite

For security purposes, you should know who will be working on your roof. Get to know who your contractors will send over; at least have a name to go with the faces. You should also have a detailed account of the roles and responsibilities of each worker. That is so you know who to refer to for questions.

When your repairmen know that you’re aware of who they are, it develops a sense of accountability in them and lets them work more efficiently—a win-win for everybody.


Finding the right contractor can sometimes be all you need for long-lasting commercial roof repairs. You need someone who specializes in roofs and can give you a detailed breakdown of what processes they will use for your situation.

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