A home’s roof is in charge of protecting the rest of the structure from rains, snow, and other challenging weather conditions. This is a hefty responsibility, which is why it is crucial to have your roof checked periodically to ensure that there is no structural damage present. Knowing the risk factors will help keep your roof intact even in the strongest of storms and extreme weather. 

If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a while, it may be time for you to have it checked. If there is significant damage, you may need to have a new roof installed. However, before going to this last resort, you may want to look into the possible causes of structural roof failures to know if you need to get a new roof or if repairs can still do the trick. 

5 Things That Can Cause Structural Roof Failures

Because your roof is exposed to the elements, many factors can cause damage to its structural integrity. Being aware of these individual factors can help you determine when you need to have your roof inspected and how to keep your home safe from the wrath of extreme weather, animals taking up shelter in your roof, and more. 

1 – Water Buildup

One of the worst enemies your roof may face is water buildup. A flat roof is more at risk than a sloping one because it does not allow the water to flow off naturally. Installing proper drainage systems and making sure that water does not get stuck on your roof will ensure that it will not be at risk of collapsing because of water buildup.

2 – Strong Wind

The wind is another factor that may cause structural problems to your roof. During hurricanes or when powerful gusts of wind are present, roofs under repair or construction may be at risk because they are not yet fully reinforced to withstand these strong winds. 

3 – Heavy Snowfall

Heavy snowfall may do a number on a roof, especially if it goes over the limit that the roof can hold. Typically, a roof will be able to hold 20 pounds per square foot of snow before it poses a danger of collapse. However, blizzards and heavy snowstorms may cause over four feet of snow to rest on a roof, making it dangerously unstable. Using a snow rake to remove the snow or hiring a professional will keep your roof (and your home) safe from damage.

4 – Design Flaws

If a roof was incorrectly installed or parts of the structure were not appropriately placed, it will risk damage in the long run. These structural errors may happen if you had chosen to install the roof yourself, without the help of a roofing professional.

5 – Wear and Tear

Lastly, normal wear and tear will take its toll on a roof as time passes by. This is why you must have your roof inspected periodically to ensure that it retains its structural integrity, no matter how old it is. 


If you have a roof that is old and worn, the first thing you need to do is have it assessed to find out the extent of damage it has sustained through the years. Contacting a residential roofing company in San Diego will be your best bet in narrowing down the problem and fixing it. 

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