Before the season changes and the leaves fall, it’s essential to keep your gutters in check. A clogged drain may cause inconvenience to the people living in a home. Cleaning your gutters once in a while isn’t enough. Sometimes, it’s better to install gutter protectors to ensure no debris will clog the drain.

A gutter protector does more than just protecting your gutters. It also prevents clogs, ice dams and other damages to your roof, walls, siding, foundation, and landscaping. However, purchasing gutter protectors can be quite challenging. There is more than one type of gutter protector available in the market. Between a gutter guard and a gutter screen, which one’s better at protecting your home?

Gutter Screens

A screen guard is usually made out of either plastic or metal and is a more affordable option compared to the more complex systems in the market. The gutter screen acts as a barrier placed in the gutters to catch or collect any debris that might clog it and cause potential damage.

  1. Efficiency

Screens are a common form of gutter protection. They are most efficient in homes where leaves are the primary problem. However, its disadvantages include too large openings that may allow smaller types of debris to pass through. In effect, it defeats the purpose of keeping items off the gutter system and might require cleaning help to clear debris.

  1. Ease of Installation

Meanwhile, plastic screens are easy to install. Depending on the instructions given by the manufacturers, they can be installed in multiple ways—under the roof shingles, while others are dropped and secured in a place.

  1. Costs

The pricing for a gutter screen varies among manufacturers. However, it might range from ten cents to two dollars per foot. The overall cost will depend on the type of screen chosen and the length of the entire gutter needed to be surrounded by it.

Gutter Guards

Meanwhile, gutter guards have broader types of protective systems that go on the gutters. The most common type is made out of foam and brush. Brush guards are known for their cylindrical shape, which is similar to wire cleaning brushes.

  1. Efficiency

Unlike screen gutter protectors, gutter guards are good at filtering debris from the gutter system but require more thorough maintenance, at least once every year. However, the mechanism used in them isn’t prone to rusting due to the construction technique.

  1. Ease of Installation

Gutter guards are also easy to install. Most people can do it on their own without needing professional help. The systems are placed within the gutters after a thorough inspection and cleaning.

  1. Costs

Gutter guards are more expensive than gutter screens, each selling at least $20, rising to a few hundred bucks. Of course, it depends on the quality of the product, but gutter screens are more affordable if we compare their prices.


Overall, installing a protective system is more of a need than a fancy add-on to a house. As there are more instances of terrible weather, it is advisable to have gutter protectors installed to ensure your gutters are working as intended. 

Between a gutter screen and a gutter guard, the former is the more affordable option. Although it’s cheap, it still does the work well. For up to two dollars per measurement, you can protect your home from any damage during heavy rain or snow. However, opting for a gutter guard is a more intelligent choice. A gutter guard requires maintenance every year to ensure everything is working correctly. If you have a bigger household and a few dollars to spare, then choose this option.

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