Reroofing, also known as layover roofing, means adding a second layer of shingles. It provides stronger support, prevents costly damage, and gives new life to an existing roof. It has many advantages, but many homeowners are skeptical about reroofing their homes because it can cause a major inconvenience. For instance, they are worried about having to check in at a hotel and paying additional expenses while having their roof replaced.

If this is also your concern about reroofing, no need to worry since you can still stay at home. However, roofers sometimes need access indoors. The process may also be loud and take a few days to complete. If you don’t have any issues with these factors, here are ways to prepare for a successful reroofing:

1. Clean the Outdoor Area

Before the roofers arrive, take the time to clean the outdoor area. Part of this is storing away inside outdoor furniture and other valuable items outside. If you have items that can’t be moved out of the way easily, cover them properly. It’s also a good idea to inform the roofing company of these items to prevent damage during the reroofing process.

Additionally, since reroofing involves using nail guns, drills, and hammers, don’t forget to take down loose-hanging pictures to avoid getting them knocked off the walls. It’s also necessary to remove any other items at risk of falling or breaking due to reroofing.

2. Inform Your Neighbors

Reroofing can get fairly noisy. Regardless of noise tolerance, it can disturb not only you and your family but also your neighbors. Before starting the roof replacement process, inform those near your home that you have reroofing scheduled. Giving them a heads up makes it easier for them to make necessary preparations for dealing with the noise.

3. Keep Kids and Pets Secured

Like other home improvement projects, reroofing can cause stress and anxiety to pets since there are new and different things happening. Besides the noise, your furry family members may have trouble adjusting to roofers and other unfamiliar people in the area.

Keep your pets secured during reroofing. If possible, consider taking them out of the home throughout the home improvement project and bringing them back home later once the reroofing is completed. 

This precaution is also applicable to kids at home. Ensure they only stay within safe, designated areas and instruct them not to play around while your roofing is done. Doing this keeps them safe and prevents them from getting in the roofers’ way.

4. Coordinate with the Roofing Contractors

Reroofing is a team effort between roofing contractors and homeowners. To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and prevent inconveniences, work with a professional roofing company. Communicate with the roofing contractors and ensure they update you on what is happening every step of the way. This is especially important when it comes to safety.


Reroofing is one of the best ways to keep your roof in its best condition. While this home improvement project requires adjustments, it doesn’t have to feel like a major inconvenience. By taking the time to prepare and doing the suggestions listed above, you and your family will have an efficient and hassle-free reroofing experience. You will also get to enjoy a brand new roof that will give you protection for many years to come.
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