Proper home insulation is important, but are you sure your home is insulated properly? Perhaps, it’s time to improve it? However, not everyone knows how to tell if their home is adequately insulated; that’s why we’re here to help you out. Here’s a quick guide on how you can tell if your home needs better insulation.

Is Your Home Insulated Properly? 

There are several things you can do to test your home’s insulation. First, do a touch test where you go outdoors on a winter day to go around your home and touch parts of it, like the walls, ceilings, and floors. You need to make sure that these parts are all warm and dry. If they are, then that’s a good sign your home is well-insulated. 

You can also do a comfort test, which is also another easy thing to do. How comfortable are you in your home when it’s cold outside? Then ask yourself this on a hot summer’s day. If you are comfortable on hot or cold days inside, then it’s likely your home’s insulation is in good condition. 

If none of these convince you, you can always have a professional check out your home’s insulation for you. This is a good idea because you get an expert’s advice that can give you peace of mind. 

How to Tell if Your Home Is Not Insulated Properly

A Spike in Your Energy Consumption

When a home isn’t insulated properly, the signs will be everywhere. Usually, the most common sign your insulation isn’t right is when you keep getting high energy bills. If you haven’t paid close attention to this, and it’s only now that you’re getting a feeling about your home’s insulation, check your electricity bills a couple of years back and see what’s changed. If there are significant increases that don’t involve new installations around the home, it’s probably due to a problem with your insulation. 

Water Leak in the Winter

Another sign is a water leak in the winter. This leak often occurs in the attic during rainy winters or the windows leak when it rains. When this happens, it means your walls aren’t insulated properly. 

Cold Drafts

You can also experience cold drafts wherein you walk into a room with the doors and windows closed but experience a sensation of a cool breeze. This happens when there are gaps around door and window frames, and they need to be sealed off properly; otherwise, your home’s temperature can go haywire, affecting many things. 

On that note, when you notice high fluctuations in temperature, then that’s a sign something’s wrong with your home’s insulation. 

Pests That Enter Through Gaps in the Doors and Windows

Finally, if you notice mice and bugs on your property, there are probably gaps in your door and window frames, which means your home’s insulation may not be performing well anymore. 


Being able to tell whether your home’s insulated properly or not is important. Proper insulation is one thing that easily goes unnoticed because it manifests into minor issues that build up gradually over time. That’s why many homeowners are unable to catch those issues early on because they don’t know how to recognize the signs, which leads to bigger issues. 

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