Your roof is one of the most important elements of the home, acting as a shield that protects the rest of the structure and interior. When certain damages start occurring and showing up throughout the seasons, it’s important to get those damages fixed by a roof repair service as soon as possible.

However, it can be difficult to scrutinize what counts as an urgent roof repair or replacement. Deducing when you should call your roof repairer to come quickly for an emergency is important in maintaining the structural integrity of the property.

If you need a bit of guidance, here are some indicators where a roof repair is definitely urgent:

1) Missing Shingles

California and several other states always have to face such gusty winds. Although you can stay inside for some protection, how strong the wind is can often affect roofs that are aging or a little loose. Some may find fallen shingles by the yard, which can expose the roof’s underside.

When this part of the roof is exposed, the home is even more vulnerable to whatever severe weather conditions are coming next. This definitely counts as an urgent roof repair situation that you should bring up to the professionals.

2) Fallen Trees

Having trees right on your property can improve the overall look of your home, but there’s always a bit of impending danger. If the initial winds weren’t strong enough to make a dent on your roof, a fallen branch or tree due to a full-on wind or rainstorm might just do the trick. 

Some homeowners are adamant about keeping the tree, but there’s always that possibility that it can fall down and damage the house roof in the process. The impact that it causes, especially when severe, should be considered as an emergency when calling up repairers.

3) Damage from Pests

Getting pests in your home can be rather annoying, but it’s important to question how they got in there in the first place. A majority of pesky critters often find or create an opening to slither or crawl their way through, and the roof is often a victim of this behavior.

Even without coming in, certain animals can really do a number on your roof. Birds perch onto it, squirrels scamper across with their sharp nails, woodpeckers turn the roofing material into their own toy, and more. Survey how bad the damage is and report to a repairer.

4) Ice Erosion

As the winter comes closer, our roofs may be plagued with ice and snow. Unfortunately, the freezing temperature’s pressure on the roofing material will likely erode the change in the composition of the roof, especially as it thaws out and seeps through the protective structure. Try to keep an eye on your roof and attic for any ice dams that require immediate attention.

5) Faulty Gutters

The gutter system is an important component of the roof, allowing the water a safe passage off the housetop and away from the property. However, these can get a little faulty when the systems start to get clogged due to dirt or snow. If the weather forecast is grim and you need your gutters, make an urgent booking with your roof repairer.


There are many instances where the roofing issues will be considered urgent, which makes sense as it’s one of the most significant elements of the home. Be sure to have everything fixed and replaced when necessary to maintain the protection of your property.

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