As much as you want to avoid it, leaks on your commercial roof can happen. This is because you can never fully predict what Mother Nature will throw at you. In fact, in some cases, structural deterioration can also occur due to the fixture’s age and other underlying issues. Keep in mind that roof repairs and replacement can cost a lot of money, which is why you must have an action plan to address them before they escalate into severity.

Before you can create an effective action plan, you first need to determine whether or not your property has a leak. In this article, we will share four tell-tale signs of leaks in your commercial roof:

1. Damage On Roof Membrane

The roof membrane is designed to prevent water from reaching the insides of your building. However, as your roof ages, the membrane can sustain damages that will effectively prevent it from doing its job. The damages it will incur may come from the sun and other harsh weather conditions that can cause an excess water buildup. To prevent this, a regular roof inspection is crucial to detect early signs of damage. 

2. Stains On Ceiling Or Walls

If you have a flat roof, you could have a problem with standing water in certain areas, which is mostly due to its design. If left undetected or untreated for long periods, the standing water will add extra weight, which adds stress to the roof, resulting in leaks. When there’s standing water on your roof, you will likely notice water stains on your ceiling or walls. 

3. Open Holes On The Roof Membrane

Do you notice holes on the roof membrane? If you do, this could be the reason behind the leaks. This usually happens due to improper sealing, which causes holes in the membrane. Seeing that it may be difficult to spot these holes, you need a professional roof inspection to prevent these leaks from getting worse!

4. Cracks, Wear and Tear

Cracks, wear, and tear on your walls and ceiling are typically indicators of a leaky roof. These leaks may be due to structural deterioration because of old age. Roofs typically have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years before they need to be replaced. It’s crucial you record all the maintenance done to your roof throughout the years as well as the repairs. This crucial piece of information will help roofing professionals assess the roof’s quality and provide you with the best recommendations moving forward.

When you find leaks in your roof, make sure you: 

  • Find where it’s coming from: Record the point of entry to prevent damage from spreading throughout the building, which could cause more damage. 
  • Call your insurance company: Reach out to your insurer to let them know about the damage and see if your policy can cover it. 


Discovering leaks on your roof can be disorienting, but before you panic, it’s crucial that you determine how to recognize the signs and what you need to do. The best step to take next when you’ve done all of these is to call a roofing company to help repair the leaks. Aside from that, investing in regular roof inspections will also go a long way for you as this can help prevent costly repairs and replacements. 

With proper roof inspections and maintenance, you can prevent these leaks from happening in the first place, which will leave you with peace of mind. The trick here is to find a reliable roofing company that will suit your needs and provide you with quality services. 

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