Having a new roof installed or repaired typically means that your roof will last another 20 to 30 years. That is, if it was installed correctly. Unfortunately, not all roofing companies in San Diego can pull off a good repair or installation job like you expect them to be. When this happens, you might encounter a lot of headaches along the way as roofing issues start to pop up in a few years or so. To help you scrutinize just how good of a roof installation your contractor did, here are some signs of a poorly installed roofing system.

Lacking Uniformity

From an aesthetic standpoint, uniformity in your roof’s appearance is a good sign that your roof was properly installed. Seeing all the shingles aligned and evenly applied across all angles is exactly what your roof should look like. However, any irregularities in the look of your roof aren’t a good sign. A noticeable lack of uniformity usually means that your contractor properly messed up the installation, or they cut some corners while performing the job.

Missing Shingles

Missing a few shingles or even just one is an obvious sign that the roofer did a lousy job installing your roof. A single shingle missing can lead to a lot of problems such as leaks. As such, there’s really no excuse for leaving out any components, no matter how small they are, especially for your roof.

Stains on the Roof

If you see any stains, especially those that are dark in color, it means there’s something very wrong with how your roof installation went. Dark stains are a good indicator that there’s a leak somewhere. If you check your attic or even the exterior of your house and see those stains, you better have it checked and repaired by a more competent roofing contractor, or you risk damaging the house and your newly installed roof. If the leak is isolated, then it can be repaired easily. However, numerous stains mean that you need to find the source of the leak and redo your installation all over again.

Rainbow Roof

As mentioned above, any misaligned shingles or roofing components are a bad sign. But having a roof that has different shades of color is almost as bad. If you notice some shingles having a different color than others, then there’s reason to suspect whether the job needs to be redone. A rainbow-looking rood could signify other problems with the installation that you aren’t seeing yet.

Missing Drip Edge

Drip edges are essential in every roof installation. This is because they are responsible for keeping the water moving towards your gutter, which then carries water away from the house. If the roofer forgot to install the drip edge, then you’ll be faced with a lot of problems like mold or rot in your roof decking or within your home. This is because rainwater is more likely to settle in parts of your roof, which is what causes those problems. Make sure your roofer was able to install the drip edge properly to avoid these issues.


The roof is perhaps one of the most expensive parts to repair or replace in your home. That’s why you need to make sure that your roofer installed your new roof properly. These signs should help you determine just how good of a job they did.

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