If you’ve been living in San Diego, California, for any period of time, you’re no stranger to particularly hot weather. Temperatures in San Diego occasionally go higher than 90 °F. Snow is rare even during what is considered the winter months. This makes San Diego, California, one of the most conducive cities to utilize solar-powered solutions in.

The trick is to find and hire reliable roofing companies in San Diego, such as the Pioneer Roofing Company. They install solar panels on your roof and help you harvest the cleanest form of power available to man. In this article, we will break down the top three advantages of having solar panels installed on your roof.

1. For reducing your monthly energy bill

Having solar panels installed on your roof gives you the ability to harvest the sun’s energy directly for power. This opens the option to augment or even completely replace your regular power consumption with stored solar energy.

Since solar energy accumulates freely, it helps you reduce your monthly energy bill. To do this, you can configure your power delivery to allocate certain functions to use your stored energy from your solar system. Doing so eliminates a considerable chunk of your consumption. This will directly translate to a reduction in your usual energy bill.

The initial purchase and installation of a solar power system can be high, but you will quickly see that investment back in five to seven years.

2. For self-sufficiency

Depending on external circumstances, such as power plant accidents, power line breakages, or energy shortages, power outages can occur. When this happens, entire neighborhoods and even cities can go dark. In turn they lose access to heat and other electrically-powered home features.

Having a backup power source, such as a battery with stored energy harvested from the sun, can help you tide over until the main power line comes back on. With enough solar panels and a large enough battery, you can even achieve self-sufficiency and rely solely on the power supplied by the sun.

3. For improving your home value

Everybody relishes the prospect of saving up on their energy bills. Beyond that, however, a working solar power system increases the value of your home, as many homebuyers find these systems highly appealing!

A study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley Labs shows that a working solar power system installed on your roof can increase the value of your home by as much as $4 per watt. This means that if your home value can go up by $20,000 if you own a typical 5,000-watt system.

The catch is that you must have full ownership of the solar power system installed in your home. You should not lease it and it should not be covered by a power purchase agreement.


Solar energy is clean, abundant, and free. Best of all, you could be generating your own solar power by having solar panels. The good thing is that solar panel technology has progressed to the point that it is no longer prohibitively expensive to have them installed on your home. By taking on a contractor that provides solar panel installations, you can benefit from them too!

If you’re looking for roofers in San Diego that provide solar installation services, then the Pioneer Roofing Company has got what you need! We’ve partnered with the best solar company in town to provide you the best quality solar panels, while our roofing professionals will figure out and install the best placements for maximum sun exposure. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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