Skylights are a fantastic feature installed to let in more natural light and brighten up a room. That added lighting can change the look of your home’s interior and even give it the illusion of being more spacious than it really is. They can transform the overall look of any room. The problem is that it can also be prone to leaks which could damage your property if you don’t take action. 

Therefore, as a homeowner, you should know how to diagnose leaky skylights and what you can do about them. Pioneer Roofing Company, one of the best San Diego roofers, shares some helpful information:

Diagnosing A Leaky Skylight

The best way to determine if your skylight has a leak is by thoroughly inspecting it. There may be excessive condensation dripping due to humidity and the use of air-conditioners. This in itself is not something to worry about, as you can just use an anti-fogging product to make your skylight clear again.

The most common cause of skylight leaks is not the skylight themselves but the roofing. If there are any tiles or shingles that are broken or damaged, water can seep in and find its way out through the skylight. 

For skylights that open, the problem may be like sticks or leaves or other debris that may get in the way of the skylight when it’s closing. They can also block drainages, and the weather seals might not be able to do their job correctly. As for the seals, they can get damaged due to exposure to harsh weather elements.

What to Do About Skylight Leaks

First of all, you should ensure that it’s not condensation because water from your home can condense on your skylight and then drip. This is often the case with skylights in or near a bathroom or with single-glazed skylights. Once you rule condensation out, you can go and proceed with other approaches. 

You can start by removing all the debris and water that has accumulated between the flashing and the roofing. Make sure you can access the flashing. Then you can apply roofing cement in the gap between the flashing and the roofing’s edge. This should work as a seal to prevent future leaks, given that it doesn’t become brittle. This needs checking every few months or so. However, if the flashing is damaged or already showing mold growth, it has to be replaced. 

If you notice that the leak is between the frame and the skylight glass, applying silicone caulk around the glass might help, but note that your skylight may be permanently foggy due to the moisture between the panes. 

To ensure that your skylight is repaired correctly, you should call a professional roofer to fix the problem. Do this before the problem gets worse and especially before the heavy rains start. If you don’t, you might find yourself dealing with water damage expenses.


Some homeowners think that skylights leaking is to be expected, but that’s not necessarily true. Sure, all housing materials have a lifespan, but the thing is, proper installation and regular maintenance can prolong the life of your skylight. The key is to find the right team of roofers who are trained and experienced in skylight installation because when you do, you may never have to experience any problems with your skylight! 

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