Roof leaks are something you never want to happen as a homeowner. It’s an inconvenience that can cause a lot of damage to your home. Once water gets inside your home, it can structurally damage your property. It can even create health and safety problems for you and your family. When there’s water intrusion, mold and mildew is likely to be found. Plus, if water contacts any electrical wiring, it can be a fire hazard.

Roof leaks happen at the most random times, even for newly installed roofs. It’s important to repair it quickly so it doesn’t do further damage to your home. The first step is figuring out the cause of the leak. If you can’t it, contact a roofing company to help you.

Here are the top reasons why roof leaks happen:

1. Damaged shingles

There could be many reasons why your shingles are damaged. Either from poor installation or workmanship, low-quality materials, or mother nature during a storm. If your shingles are blown off or fallen out of place, your roof becomes weaker and may leak. You can usually spot see this from the ground, but some roofs may require further inspection by a professional.

2. Poor workmanship

Another common cause of roof leaks is poor workmanship. An inexperienced roofing contractor may install materials incorrectly. This would lead to roof leaks. Leaks caused by bad installation can include the roof membrane, roof flashing, and roof vents or chimney.

3. Punctured roof

Falling limbs from trees or hail can also damage a roof. It’s important to check your roof right away after a storm for signs of leakage. Even without damage, there could be debris blocking water flow which can cause pooling that can seep into your home. Make sure the gutters are clean and the entire roof free of debris to avoid damage.

4. Aging materials

Your roof leak could also be due to its age. Roofs don’t last forever. Materials can deteriorate with age and become less effective at keeping water out. Temperature fluctuations and weather conditions may cause roofing materials to become brittle over time. Finally, direct sunlight can melt the tar that seals shingles together.


If you suspect that you have an issue with your roof, you should enlist the help of a roofing company right away. We are one of the most trusted roofing contractors in San Diego. Give us a call today.