There will come a time in your life when you will face a leaky roof, and there won’t be a quick solution. With that, you need to wait for repairs to be done. This can cause you to worry as to what it can do to your home. Water damage can be detrimental to your property, which is why you need to address it immediately. The good news is, there are some things you can do to block roof leaks while you wait for professional repair. How? 

First things first, though. Before you use any of the methods listed below, check if the ceiling boards are absorbing moisture or look for drips from the ceiling. This way, you can ensure water isn’t accumulating above the ceiling boards; otherwise, the weight of the water could cause your ceiling to collapse. 

Use a Waterproof Tarp

The easiest and simplest solution to blocking roof leaks while you wait for roof repair is using a waterproof tarp. What you need to do is cover the specific area on your roof, nail the tarp in place, and cover the heads of the nails with a bit of roofing cement to seal any more tiny holes. 

Keep in mind: this isn’t a permanent solution! Also, make sure you don’t work on your roof when it’s raining outside because the fall risk is too high with a tarp. 

Try to Reattach Loose Shingles

If a few loose shingles cause the leak, you can reattach them temporarily. Smooth the shingles back down or place them back into place. Nail or staple them to cover the exposed area. This will hold for a couple of hours or days while you wait for the permanent fix. 

Replace the Shingles

Have the shingles gone missing, or are they completely broken? If you don’t have extra shingles, you can replace them instead. Cut out a sheet metal in the shape of the shingle and attach it to your roof. Cover the nails with roofing cement to prevent leaks. 

Use Plastic Roofing Cement

A block of plastic roofing cement is one of the most straightforward temporary roof leak fixes you can use when you’re waiting for roof repairs. This can seal tiny holes and cracks in your roof to prevent water from entering your house. Make sure you apply it properly by having the right tools, like a roofing trowel, caulk gun, and a putty knife. 

Consider a Roofing Tape

You can get roofing tape easily at any hardware store or home improvement shop. Apply it to the inner part of your roof decking to limit water flow inside your house. You can fix this temporarily to the hole. A roofing tape is one of the long-lasting fixes for roof leaks. 

Wait It Out Effectively

Waiting for professional roof repair while it’s raining outside may cause you to panic. However, it’s important you don’t. Taking one step at a time is more helpful to minimize any internal damage caused by the roof leaks.


Doing any of the methods listed above can help you address roof leaks temporarily, which will give you peace of mind even if it’s raining outside. Better yet, let the experts address any roofing concerns you have.

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